Arture Eau de Parfum - Journey 10ml

Arture Eau de Parfum - Journey 10ml

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Journey is a nature inspired scent designed by New Zealand’s top perfumer Yves Dombrowsky.

This perfume takes you on a journey through iconic sceneries of New Zealand with a top note of grassy fields, heart note of woody native forests, and a base note of sweet ocean breeze.

Take a piece of New Zealand with you, and feel serenity of this beautiful country.

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About the perfumer

Yves Dombrowsky is a talented and experienced perfumer who studied the craft of perfume design from a Chanel perfumer in France. His background in microbiology and chemistry, enhances his impressive olfactory abilities to create scents that are both safe and beautiful.

His laboratory is decorated with sculptures and scents that take you on a journey of evolution. When speaking about perfume and scents, Yves’ passion ignites and shares his wealth of knowledge with anyone interested in the topic.

He is in touch with the feelings associated with scents, and designed this perfume for Arture with the love for New Zealand in mind. Like Arture, Yves also love the stunning ocean and forest scenery and created this perfume to take you on a journey of this beautiful country.

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